About us

Who we are

Wind Parks Management (WPM) with the headquarters in Warsaw is the company established on the basis of Polish private capital. Our company is managed by the entity whose shareholder has been for many years a leader in erecting wind farms in Poland.

We deal with the service and installation of wind turbines, expanding our offer by comprehensive wind parks management as well as day and night monitoring of wind farms. With regard to the abovementioned we are able to offer our Customers a flexible offer adjusted to individual needs and preferences.

Our team consists of certified experts enjoying vast experience in the field of electrics, mechanics and automation. Experts of WPM, in their work, implement the latest technological achievements – such as drones enabling conducting a fast assessment of the technical condition of the turbine as well as paint coating of the nacelle, towers and blades of the turbine, without any need for hiring heavy equipment. With a modern approach, we reduce costs of our services, and our experts may quickly and effectively react in case of the occurrence of a sudden failure. The combination of professional personnel, innovative solutions and flexible approach to each Customer guarantees that cooperation with our company is a solid investment in the future.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer and to establish a solid and fruitful cooperation.

Mission of the Company

We always look ahead in our strategy: both implementing the most recent technological achievements, as well as building strong bonds with our Customers. Strong partnership is, however, possible only thanks to a mutual understanding. That is why we always undertake every effort in order to get to know preferences of our Customers.

Being aware of the needs of our Customers, we are able to precisely adjust the nature of our services to them selecting the most effective tools. Such an approach causes that our Customers enjoy the highest quality of service, and their investments are under a constant and solid care.


Our goal is related to a constant concern for the health of the employees and business partners. We support every activity intended to enhance safety at work. A key element in our SHE policy refers to striving to eliminate accident risks among our employees. We care about those who we cooperate with.

It is of crucial important for us to ensure the highest standard of work. That is why, our employees are very well trained. Each of our technicians enjoys trainings of Global Wind Organisation (GWO) accredited all over the world as well as certificates recognized in numerous countries of the European Union, such as:
– UDT (the Office of Technical Inspection in the field of operating hoisting and hauling equipment).
– SEP (the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers in the field of devices exploitation, installation and network at the Supervision and Operation workstation).

The Managing Cadre of the Company observes an overarching principle that no work may be executed in a manner posing a hazard to life or health. Constantly, we undertake every effort in order to radically reduce the risk of potential hazards to the safety of employees.

We implement diligently the provisions of the safety and hygiene at work policy by:

  • training our employees and cooperating entities in the field of SHE and we increase constantly the awareness of the employed about co-responsibility for  their own and  other persons’ health,
  • enhancing working conditions in order to reduce accident risk at the work station,
  • increasing the identification, recognition and control of a potential risk.

Employees are motivated to observe safety and hygiene at work regulations as well as they undergo all the required trainings with that respect. Each employee is expected to cooperate with regard to the execution of the SHE policy, engage personally in the understanding of the importance of safety and hygiene at work problems as well as to demonstrate a positive attitude to the observance of safety regulations binding in the Company. The employee is a key link in the chain of activities for the improvement of work conditions and the elimination of various types of occupational hazards, as well as accidents at work.
The Board of the Company constantly undertakes all the efforts in order to make sure that each employed employee has a full awareness of the safety and hygiene at work regulations. Our Customers and Partners may be sure that our professionals satisfy the highest standards in the safety at work field.